Embossing and Cutting

A key part of converting die-cut lidding is embossing and die cutting the aluminum material in the correct patterns and shapes. We have high-quality machines and skilled operators to ensure each order meets or exceeds expectations.


PDF Seal offers different embossing patterns to provide easy pick and place, regardless of your product’s unique size or shape. We offer Continuous Worm, Perimeter Embossing, Rim Embossing, and Pin Embossing options to fit any of your machine or design requirements.


PDF Seal has more than 40 dies in inventory in 30+ different shapes. We work with you to select the right size and shape die based on your container specifications for each product. Our Creative Services department will ensure that the correct size is selected to ensure a clean, consistent seal on each container.

Our die-cutting machines create clean cuts around the edge of each lid, ensuring that your customers won't come in contact with any jagged edges. When you order from PDF Seal, you and your customers can expect consistent lids on each product.

Custom die shapes and sizes are available upon request.

Embossing and Cutting